Dear Guests, From our home and office on the Canyon Rim we invite you to join us in one of the most truly magical places on earth. In 1976 the Armacost Family took their first trip through Hells Canyon. The summer of ´77 found us with our own gear, beginning the foundation of a long legacy of guiding and rafting in the Hells Canyon Region. When my family was just beginning, trips were usually small. Those were the good old days. At 14 years of age I would follow my Dad down the river. He had the guests on his boat, and I would carry the gear. At 18, I started to lead trips down the river. Last time I counted I had logged over 500 trips on the Snake River in Hells Canyon. Come with us and discover yourself in a place where time stands still. A place so amazing, that just being there changes the way you see things.

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Snake River

Where the Snake River heads north and forms the border between Idaho and Oregon, it forms Hells Canyon, The Deepest Gorge in North America.

More Info Hells Canyon RaftingThe country is amazing. Rugged rock walls and grassy slopes rise from the water, as you delve into the surging whitewater while it pulses through Hells Canyon. Where boulders and rock slides have rolled into the river, we find the biggest rapids in the Pacific North west.

Between rapids, the Snake River follows a scenic path: there we encounter Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, mountain goats, deer, or elk. Kick back and look toward the horizon to spot a circling eagle or hawk. The hiking is spectacular; with trails located on both sides of the river and up sever of the side creeks. Fantastic swimming in the 72 degree water, excellent fishing for trout, bass, and maybe even a 10' white sturgeon, idyllic campsites under the stars at night, and breathtaking vistas make this a river voyage you will never forget.

Salmon River

The Main Salmon River boasts the longest remaining free flowing river system in the lower 48 states. An Ideal Family Vacation, the "Lower Salmon" offers huge white sand beaches, perfect for throwing the Frisbee, beach volleyball, a paddle boat water slide, or just lounging in the shade. The rapids are exciting yet family friendly, and the warm crystal clear water is perfect for swimming.

More Info Salmon River

On this idyllic family trip, you can expect your first class guides to play freeze tag with the kids on the beach, prepare gourmet meals, and guide you safely through the whitewater. Our program for kids will keep them entertained and amazed. They might even learn about geology or the Nez Perce Indian tribe.